Do you love the quality of leather?

Since 1978 Leatherworks have been creating wonderful leather products.

Here you can but the finest leather New Zealand has to offer, handmade at our studio and shipped right to you!

Long hall bags

Leather luggage for men or women, travel in style with genuine hard wearing beautiful crafted leather.

Hand bags

Leather fashion goods for women. Exclusive designer leather bags.

Men’s accessories

For men who enjoy stylish genuine leather goods. Men’s luggage and wallets.


Upholstery Specialists

Restoration of your upholstery and repairs for your furniture, cars, boats, and more

Upholstery experts offer industry top notch services for all your upholstery repair needs.


Quick, cost efficient upholstery repair

Our upholsterers offer a professional service that gives you factory quality repairs, without the inconvenience.

Furniture repair, car and marine upholstery…? Click here.

We are able to provide you all you upholstery requirements with the hands of our professional team of upholstery experts.

View the gallery!! Click here.

With our factory standards, our repair to tou upholstery won’t even be noticed. Go to our websaite and see it for yourself.